Billy Caldwell (1780-1841) Chicago and the Great Lakes Trail


Available December 16, 2019 from Fonthill Media Publishing.

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Downtown Lake Forest


Then and now images of Lake Forest, Illinois.  Read about the historic city located on the shores of Lake Michigan, 30 miles north of Chicago. 

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Legendary Locals of Lake Forest


Lake Forest, Illinois, home to America's land barons, industrialist's and capitalists.  Read about local legends and how they influenced American businesses.

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West Lake Forest


The history of west Lake Forest started before the city of Lake Forest.  Irish and Italian immigrants tell their story of entrepreneurship, pioneering and American determination.  


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Lake Forest 150th Sesquicentennial


Limited edition books from Performance Media.  Learn more about Lake Forest with LFGO.

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Poppy Hampton


A mystery series in Summerfield, Illinois, located 30 miles north of Chicago.  Poppy Hampton solves local mysteries with Chicago connections. 

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