What draws us to a subject?  Where we lose ourselves in time and thought?  When we get lost down a path of knowledge and feel so passionate about it, we think about it all the time?

Following Chief Sauganash was that subject for me.  I lived on his Chicago Reserve and was intrigued with who the man was, what motivated him, what was he passionate about in his life and why did he make the choices he made?

Following him gave me answers to my own life, inspired me to search for the truth and better understand his life, our community and the world we live in. 

Since 1993, I have been following Billy Caldwell and in the process learned about diversity, family, community and love.  

Since then I’ve enjoyed researching and learning about the communities we live in and the people that make them.  Cheers, Susan 

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Author and historian, Susan L. Kelsey
Author and historian, Susan L. Kelsey

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Author and historian Susan L. Kelsey


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Photography by Laura Heiden, Storm Cloud Photography.
Photography by Laura Heiden, Storm Cloud Photography.